All our trainers are fully qualified professionals

Jay - Club Manager

 Jay takes care of all things business for us. Need help with your membership or advice on what trainer would best suit your needs, then he's your man. He's constantly coming up with ideas to make our gym a better place to workout in so you have a great experience!

Jesse Lancaster - Fitness Instructor

Name: Jesse Lancaster
Favourite 3 Movies: Lion King, Big Hero 6, Lemony Snicketts - a series of unfortunate events
Favourite Music: Disney theme songs
Favourite Sport: Combat sport
Favourite Food: Hawaiian Burger
Qualifications:Bachelors of Sport and Recreation
Favourite form of training: Hypertrophy, heavy, functional
Favourite time away from gym activity: Training
Favourite Quote: Feel the fear and do it anyway
Specialise in: Athletic development & body transformations
Promise to you: To make you look, feel and perform like a Hero!

Ellie - Fitness Manager

Ellie has clocked up more one to one training sessions than any other trainer at our club. Working with elite athletes, everyday athletes and local youth, Ellie has a unique ability to inspire and boost the mood in everyone she works with.

Ellie loves helping people from all walks of life, learning from them and building relationships to keep their desire for a healthy lifestyle alive. She'll help find what works for you and come up with a sustainable plan to keep balance in your life.

Kay - Reception








Code Name: Kay
Favourite 3 Movies: Legends of the Fall, Muriel’s Wedding, Wild Hogs
Favourite Music: Rock of course!
Favourite Sport: Triathlon
Favourite Food: Salmon, any seafood.
Qualifications: Level 2 REPs registered Trainer
Favourite form of training: Anything cardio or circuit based
Favourite activity away from gym:  Gardening
Favourite Quote: Everyone ready, here we go!!
Specialise in:  Fun with Fitness

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