Balance, Commitment, Results

Bodyzone - balance, commitment, results. For over 17 years we have been committed to providing a fully equipped gym in the heart of Tauranga's central business district. We are proud to be the only downtown gym in Tauranga! This provides the convenience of being able to work out when you want - before work, during a lunchtime or, on the way home from work.

'Balance, commitment, results' means we provide balanced health and fitness programmes after consultation with you. We are also committed to provide advice and consultation on developing a balanced fitness regime, so you get the best results. Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.


All our trainers are fully registered with REPS (NZ Register of Exercise Professionals)

Jay - Club Manager

 Code Name: Jayboy
Favourite 3 Movies: The Blindside, Draft day, Jerry Maguire
Favourite Music: Flight facilities & Justin Bieber
Favourite Sport: AFL
Favourite Food: BBQ Chicken
Qualifications: ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach
Favourite form of training: HIIT
Favourite activity away from gym: Playing golf
Favourite Quote: Train slow get slow - Train quick get quick!
Specialise in: Helping clients move & feel better

Angel Harrison - Personal Trainer

Code Name: Angel
Favourite 3 Movies:  The best of me, Fast and furious ( all of them ), Blended
Favourite Music: RnB, Hip hop, Rock, Pop, Reggae
Favourite Sport: Touch rugby
Favourite Food: Ice cream
Qualifications: NZIHF registered personal trainer
Favourite form of training: Hypertrophy
Favourite activity away from the gym: Motorbike riding
Favourite Quote: “ A river cuts through rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence”
Specialise in: Muscle building, weight loss
Promise to clients: You will have fun, sweat, push through barriers and get results!

Jesse Lancaster - Fitness Instructor

Name: Jesse Lancaster
Favourite 3 Movies: Lion King, Big Hero 6, Lemony Snicketts - a series of unfortunate events
Favourite Music: Disney theme songs
Favourite Sport: Combat sport
Favourite Food: Hawaiian Burger
Qualifications:Bachelors of Sport and Recreation
Favourite form of training: Hypertrophy, heavy, functional
Favourite time away from gym activity: Training
Favourite Quote: Feel the fear and do it anyway
Specialise in: Athletic development & body transformations
Promise to you: To make you look, feel and perform like a Hero!

Ellie - Personal Trainer

Code Name: Ellie
Favourite 3 Movies: Coach Carter, Once were Warriors, The Hangover
Favourite Music: RnB hiphop, reggae
Favourite Sport: Basketball
Favourite Food: Chicken Bacon & Mushroom Fettucine
Qualifications: Personal Trainer & Youth Worker
Favourite form of training: Functional & Interval Training
Favouriter time away from gym activity: Spending time with Family
Favourite Quote: Work Hard, Play Hard
Specialise in: Weight loss & full body toning
Promise to you: I'll get the results you want!

Kay - Reception








Code Name: Kay
Favourite 3 Movies: Legends of the Fall, Muriel’s Wedding, Wild Hogs
Favourite Music: Rock of course!
Favourite Sport: Triathlon
Favourite Food: Salmon, any seafood.
Qualifications: Level 2 REPs registered Trainer
Favourite form of training: Anything cardio or circuit based
Favourite activity away from gym:  Gardening
Favourite Quote: Everyone ready, here we go!!
Specialise in:  Fun with Fitness


Here's a quick tour of our gym and facilities

'Balance, commitment, results' means we are determined to offer great gym facilities with the best trained staff. Bodyzone is an independent, non-franchised, locally owned health and fitness club, registered with REPS (NZ Registered Exercise Professionals Standards). Situated in the heart of Tauranga, Bodyzone personalises and monitors your exercise journey.

Bodyzone staff are onsite at all times for your health, safety, security and comfort. We provide an environment that helps you achieve the best possible outcome.

Location: 69 Spring Street, Tauranga

Phone: 07 577 9494

Monday - Thursday 5:30am - 8:00pm  |  Friday 5:30am - 7:00pm  |  Weekends 7:00 am - 1:00 pm

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